Le Souk Sunday Sessions mixed by Swamy and Astro & Glyde

Le Souk is the creation of two Egyptian-born brothers and now has gained the reputation of one of the best places where you can have some fun on Sunday in New York. During the years, Le Souk Sunday Sessions has hosted some of the best djs touring in NYC, such as Sasha, Digweed, Lee Buridge, Danny Howells, Tiesto, Tenaglia, Sander K and others. Thereby, Jason Swamy's Shameless Productions presents a double cd compilation simply called "Le Souk Sunday Sessions" released on Aurora Music/E03 Records. The material is mixed by Dj Swamy and the two residents Astro & Glide and wants to transpose on cd the sound and atmosphere from the North African restaurant-lounge from a vision faithful to the reality.

I've been a bit unaware when I started listening for the first time and ascertaining that this is not what I was actually expecting to hear, as I was "smitten" by the warm and appealing sound from "Nifty Night" by Dublex Inc. The classic orchestra sounds in contrast with the electronic synths and the scratches built up a driving and interesting tune, following to be warmed up with Rodney Hunter and "Electric Lady" under the shape of a remix made by Fort Knox. YBU feat. Jonell (All Good Funk Aliance) brings a fresh wave of funk grooves and a tainted kick pattern of break beat, ending up with a loose sound from Hipp-E and the track "Stay All Night". Providing a funky and jazzy track, Sombionx raises the atmosphere to another level, while the Disciples of Phunk and the track "Too Far Gone"(Southern Divide mix) maintains this party mood, bringing a drop of euphoria through his funky tune. We enter the tribals world alongside 2orMore and "I Got Your Love", following that Dj T and "Philly" to come with some peaceful sounds and some discrete influences of electro and house, in a calm and sweet manner and on a background as peaceful as it can be. After the very fine "Chunky Humper" from the two residents Astro & Glide, remixed here by Medway, the excellent Beard's Dub of the track "Call Me" by The Beard feat. Amma makes its appearance and shines through some melodic warmness and a lively optimistic vibe. Seems that the last part of this first cd starts to chasten, since Trentemoller makes his appearance with a kicking ass remix for Pashka and the track "Island Breeze", having the opportunity to enjoy some very spicy electro vibes. The cd ends up with a sophisticated track, an amalgamator between funky and house provided by Plej. It must be said that the parties from Le Souk are not hosted only on night but also in day time, and this cd wanted to capture this fact – the sun-kissed sexiness on the day by Swamy.

The second cd brings the crazy down 'n dirty grooves by night, Astro & Glide making their job in an admirable way. The cd opens with Guy Williams and "Work", penetrating from the beginning the rapturous area of tribal house with some electro fusion, while Jose de Divina & Carlos Moreno and the track "Los Guajiros" bring a somber and abstract melody building up a dement and hypnotic rhythm. The path of this mix is pretty different than the previous cd, and to change the rhythm for a bit and sweeten with something lively and melodic, we meet Shahi with the track "Royal Bengal" (MK & MTV mix). We gradually enter the funky house sphere, more sweet and melodic with Muttonheads and his "To You", ending up with some fresh vibes of techno funk superposed on a moderated rhythm. It is about Astro & Glide's "Dunt Dunt Dunt". Another excellent and energetic track is "Dirty Circuit" from Spirit Catcher, a track which makes us dance, engirding the atmosphere at the appearance of D:Weed with a kicking track "Who Needs N.M.E.S.". After the nice track by Paranoid Jack, Gregor Salto brings a remix of the track "Back to Work" by Ericke", building up a chunky optimistic funky house. For the final, Nacho Marco presents The Underneath and the track "Himmel" ensconcing and providing some progressive grooves, while the remix from VIP on Stisch and "JFK" brings into the front a lovely break beat, melodic and profound. It is John Kreamer & Stephane K who closes up the mix with a nice remix on "Till There Was You" by Rachael Starr. Well, this is what happens during the night on Le Souk.

If I made you curious, all you have to do is go to New York for discovering live this sound brought by Swamy in day time and Astro & Glide for the night. This compilation wants to offer for listening the main sounds from Le Souk, and seems that has succeeded in capturing in a unedited way the sounds from there and transposing it on the two cds containing some various musical stuff very refine selected.


Disc 1:
1. Dublex Inc. - Nifty
2. Rodney Hunter - Electric
3. Ybu Feat. Jonell (All Good Funk Alliance) - Soul Magic (Again) Part
4. Hipp-e - Stay All Night
5. Sombionx - Introduce An Mc
6. Disciples Of Phunk - Too Far Gone (Southern Divide Mix)
7. 2ormore - I Got Your Love (Love U Dub)
8. Dj T. - Philly
9. Astro&glyde - Chunky Humper (Slr Medway Remix)
10. The Beard Feat. Amma - Call Me (The Beard\'s Dub
11. Pashka - Island Breeze (Trentmoller Remix)
12. Plej - Blue

Disc 2:
1. Guy Williams - Work
2. Jose De Divina & Carlos Moreno - Los
3. Shahi - Royal Bengal (Mk & Mtv Mix)
4. Muttonheads - To You (Da Fresh 6 Million Dollars Remix)
5. Astro&glyde - Dunt Dunt Dunt
6. Spirit Catcher - Dirty Circuit
7. D:weed - Who Needs N.M.E.S
8. Paranoid Jack - Bring Back The Jack
9. Ericke - Back To Work (Gregor Salto Remix)
10. Nacho Marco Presents The Underneath - Himmel
11. Stisch - Jfk (Vip Remix)
12. Rachel Starr - Till There Was You (John Creamer & Stephane K Mix)

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Le Souk Sunday Sessions mixed by Swamy and Astro & Glyde


E03 Records




August 9 2005


July 14, 2005 at 3:53 PM CEST


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