Jonathan Lisle OS.02 LP Sampler 1

Released on Bedrock Records, the second compilation from the Original Series had as protagonist the dj Jonathan Lisle, and this summer Bedrock has released a sampler 2 x 12" package, since the tracks featured on the album aroused the admiration for a lot of listeners. The discs contain two tracks each, and first one brings some solid pads signed Trafik, and the flip goes in a fascinating direction of downtempo and ambiental music.

The A side has the track "Surrender" from Trafik's wise sound collection, afterwards released on GU Music, but featured here under the shape of a remix produced by Habersham and Blake Potter. Entering from the beginning into an acute break beat pattern, the tune gradually bursts out for composing a massive and tough progressive, sweeten by some smooth vocals from the vocalist Rachel Lamb. After a fantastic breakdown, the things start as energetic as there have been on the previous pattern, leading the track to a simple finality which let us a sweet taste. A great tune for some bouncing crowds!!

On the flip side entering in a pleasant's downtempo atmosphere, it is Steiger with "Ghost Sector" which gathers a compact bulk of synths and makes them play while a peaceful and deep rhythm takes the listener into a dreamy world...The melodic lines are completing one by the other, so that we can feel we had a real listen at the end!

This is the first sampler disc from Original Series, bringing two massive tracks which have been representative for the compilation mixed by Jon.

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Jonathan Lisle OS.02 LP Sampler 1






may 31 2005


July 14, 2005 at 3:26 PM CEST


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