Dj Leoni & Andrew K - Flavours

Increasingly talents and music productions are coming out from Greece, thing which makes me wonder what's really happening on that country. About Dj Leoni it can be said he gained some experience in dance music domain, being a Greece top dj for a few years by now, and recently opening his own label, Underground Lessons Recordings. You've met Andrew K already through some nice releases such as Andrew K pres. Junk Science – Jakata, "Clouds Go By" alongside Simuck, "The Inception EP", etc. Hanging together, the two djs have just released a double cd compilation on Leoni's record label, Underground Lessons. "Flavours" takes us for some good minutes through the electronic music universe, meeting in our travel all kind of musical tyles, from progressive house, break beat, through dark house and even some powerful beats with a tech-house flavour.

Dj Leoni is the host of the first cd, providing a nice mix with some melodic tunes, loaded with many sounds and tonalities. Opening the compilation it is "Purple" from Ali Haeri which we meet, a nostalgic and warm track, entering after that in the mix's tension with an hypnotic progressive tune produced by Tom Sawier and Gabriel Sordo, "Still Sleeping", a track with a mysterious sound, pretty simple and continuous, bringing a discrete tent of sober till now. But the things become pleasant again when intervenes the remix from Ryan Papa on Naveen G's "Dura" which provides a progy dance tune with a melancholic air and a dynamic rhythm. Continuing with the track "Labyrinth" produced by Johan Vermeulen, the mix opens up and becomes alive and sonant, with some clean and appealing elements added. The line is maintained through the next track too produced by ZGR, "Zero Hours" consisting in a perfect alignment of fascinating synths which compose an evolved melodic line. Mixed up by the overwhelming atmosphere settled by Ozgur, Dj Tarkan provides some new progressive beats alongside Mert Menedi, bringing together the massive "On the Way". The melodic line unleashes in a gusty way, continuing this until the end, when we meet a nice remix from Flash Brothers on the track "Leaving Panic Behind", initially produced by Cassino & Laben. The next track called "Dreamkillers" and composed by Hakan Unsal make us move at a heat for a few minutes, providing after that a great breakdown and restarting the madness as soon as a nice groove pattern starts to flow over. Daniel Gregory is another guy featured here with a nice jazzy tune, ending up with a delectation with the playful and dens progy track of the two djs whom have done the "Flavours", bringing the track called the same as the entire mix compilation. And so the first cd mixed by Dj Leoni is ending, and if you were missing some dynamic but also melodic progressive music, appealing with an air of nostalgia, this cd brings back the controversial progressive house beats.

If Dj Leoni has built an epic atmosphere through his selection of progressive productions, looks like Andrew K undertakes break beat as well as progressive, bringing in the focus some delicate music, starting off with a refined track from Brahma & Drew Nichols, track called "Submerged (Madoka's Alternate Generation remix), changing the path's mix in some abstract but kicking progressive from Eelke Klein, "Deeper Depths", a nice tune with some peaceful tones and a simple odd musicality. As for "Clouds Go By", this track is already known from a nice 2004 release, but edited again now and featured on this compilation. Continuing the mix, it's the unique style of Casey Taylor which follows, this time with a remix from Chris Micali on "Trapped", track which embeds two styles, in the first part a bushy progressive and then a delicate break beat, for ending again in a progy way. Succeeding to combine the two styles in a very pleasant way, the mix continues with an optimistic break beat from Daniel Gregory, continuing then with a big days production from Derek Howell, "Come Again", a fascinating track which wants to hypnotize the listeners through some unique synths and a fantastic rhythm. After the madness from Peter McCowan's "Kissing Clouds", the compilation goes forward with Parlange and the track "Fly Back", an atmospheric progressive tune which perfectly combines the sensations of melancholy with the party euphoria. The track to follow, "Autodrop", by U & K, is pretty known for its vibe, being played by many top djs and featured in many promo mixes as well as live sets. And now it's being included here too. From a month to another one, more and more good things can be heard about Kosmas Epsilon; and one of his tracks is featured on "Flavours", better said the excellent track "Beyond", melodic and sophisticated, full of enthusiasm and energy. ZGR (Ozgur Can) makes his appearance on this cd too, but this time under the shape of a remix coming from the duo BCML. And for ending the things in a nice way, the last track chosen by Andrew K resuscitates a bit the atmosphere, burning the dance floor and raising the level of the mix's temperature. Art G & Justin Xara are the two "finalists" of this cd and of the entire compilation, bringing back the cheer through a good vibe called "Rajah".

If it would be for a cd pool, I think Andrew K is the one who could gain, succeeding to bring in the front some great tracks mixed with a perfect skill. But neither Dj Leoni nor Andrew have done a bad job with the compilation, so it shouldn't be taken as "been there/done that" mix cd, offering on two special mixes some good reprises of progressive house and break beat, all these superposed on a general air of good flavour dominating the entire material.

Dj Leoni & Andrew K - Flavours


Underground Lessons




June 2005


July 14, 2005 at 3:19 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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