Darius Syrossian & Fattorini - House of Maya

The duo formed between Darius Syrossian and Fattorini brings in this summer a nice release on Wallop Recordings, "House of Maya", containing three different versions on which can be heard a reminiscent sound of progressive house.

"Winter Solstice mix" is the first version of the track, a simple and bald progressive on which can be discovered a few musical tents faded with a peaceful and warm rhythm.

The solo mix coming from Darius wants to be more intense, combining a massive progy pattern with some smooth breaks and the conclusion being a nice tune but without much action and epic sounds.

The last song here is the "Summer Solstice mix", the most melodic and melancholic edit from the whole three tracks, bringing a sweet and deep melody with a short feeling of nostalgia and sadness, also a meditative air imprinted on some continuous and fabulous strings.

The new "House of Maya" is not and doesn't even want to be a super hit, but still we can find some original and new elements featured on these three tracks which form up this production.

Darius Syrossian & Fattorini - House of Maya


Wallop Recordings




July 2005


July 14, 2005 at 2:58 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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