Mortar & Pestle - Itsachickthing & DST Project

Heavy Rotation brings a fresh material with two remixes on Mortar & Pestle from the artist Luke Chable on a side and on the flip from Kaybee, collecting therefore some pleasant beats of progressive, electro and house, all under an electronic groove pattern.

The first of the tracks is the brilliant breaks tune from Luke Chable on "Itsachickthing", a sweet enchainment of break beat grooves which build up a nice and dynamic rhythm, beside the melodic line which becomes more intense along with the appearance of some new instruments and synths. Luke did it once again!

"DST Project" is the other track of the duo Mortar & Pestle, under the shape of a remix from Kaybee, a great combination between deep progressive in the first half and some massive electro in the second half, composing a pretty aggressive and cold melody.

Nice one this new release from Heavy Rotation, the listeners focusing their attention on two top remixers which bring two good tracks not only for home but also for dance floor bounce.

Mortar & Pestle - Itsachickthing & DST Project


Heavy Rotation Recordings




july 18 2005


July 14, 2005 at 2:44 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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