Terry Grant featuring Jennifer Horne - I'll Kill You

It is infallibly that those, whom are familiar with the sounds of Digweed, Sasha, Sandra Collins, Fortier and others, know what this is about. Alongside the vocals of Jennifer Horne, the producer Terry Grant hits the bomb with this awesome track "I'll Kill You", following after to release it on Bedrock Records label. And this couldn't be better for Terry! This first disc keeps inside the original sound of the track and also a remix from John Debo, bringing altogether an anthemic melody which becomes memorable.

The "Original mix" is a track with a sublime melody, building up beside the overwhelming vocals from Jennifer a sweet sound of guitar which makes us tremble. A really special track, the original brings an air of nostalgia through the elevated and profound musicality as well as the delicate vocal superposed on a coy rhythm of progressive with a deep and peaceful bass line really succeeds in hypnotizing us, creating a powerful impact and making the listener fall in love with this astonishing song.

Also John Debo's remix from the flip can't pass unnoticeable, consisting in a warm progressive using too the fantastic vocals which bring one of the most important and relevant contribution to the track, at least on this remix. Beside the sweet progy vibe, the track comes with a fabulous breakdown continuing with a short breaks rhythm, but in a very gentle manner.

If the vocals of this track and also the great instrumental simply cut no ice with us, we should seriously think about our sensibility and musical education. It is perfect that from time to time there is someone composing some melody and more perfect that someone else is putting it out, as Bedrock in this case.

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Terry Grant featuring Jennifer Horne - I'll Kill You






July 2005


July 14, 2005 at 6:16 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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