Jeff Bennett - Circles

DJ and producer Jeff Bennet returns with a tech-house release called "Circles" launched on Kung Fu Dub Records. The new "Circles" includes three tracks, among which two remixes from Kriece and then Earth Deuley, each of them imprinting his own style upon the original production.

As for the original mix, this one consists in a playful and simple tech-house, flat and repetitive, without bringing too many elements of musicality and building up a silent but airy rhythm.

Kriece's remix provides a fresh vibe of quality tech-house, composing a simple but driving rhythm which takes the track from the beginning through an abstract world of tech-house, finishing as simple as it begins. Interesting and sweet!

The best remix for "Circles" belongs to Earth Deuley who makes a simple and minimal tune, but very profound, building a somber and abstract atmosphere. The rhythm is great; we can discover a few tents of melody through a few pleasant synths which flow from time to time on a simple bass line.

The new excellent "Circles" from Kung Fu Dub, is for sure just great for a tech-house session, also nice for dance floor clubs. Some respect for the nice release and remixers, cheers for Jeff!

Jeff Bennett - Circles


Kung Fu Dub Recordings




June 30 2005


July 14, 2005 at 1:59 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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