Audio Therapy presents Across Borders - Greece

I started to think that Greece is a damn country of musicians, since so many exceptional producers with huge potential are hailing from that mysterious region. Dave Seaman's "Audio Therapy" has just released a material from a new series of unmixed albums, called "Across Borders" and which focus its attention upon producers from a certain country, gathering their tracks on a compilation. The first country which was in view is Greece, and so came out in the wash the unmixed compilation "Across Borders – Greece" including ten tracks belonging to the most astonishing Greek producers.

The compilation starts with the track "Within" produced by the legendary G-Pal and his wife Anna Maria X, an extremely productive couple which together team up their forces getting out project such as this one. Their track consists in a melodic ambient peaceful track with some deep vocals and an enchanting musicality. Then is Dousk who gained releases on Bedrock label, here with a superb atmospheric breaks track, very melodic and profound, discovering on his "Bummer" some exceptional vocals which build a sublime melody. Viton & KST are featured here too with "Yes, I See", a melodic progressive tune with a fresh wave of energy, building up a sweet and kicking uplifting progy beat. Smooth and melodic, Phatjak makes his appearance with the driving "Supermarket", providing an excellent dance floor rhythm and some awesome breakdowns which fascinates through energy and quality. Christian Cambas is another great talent who got in front of himself with his latest productions, very impressive and well done. Seems that he done his homework, as his "Paramount" sounds excellent, vibrating through all the elements and providing us a veritable melodic line. Sweet! When I first listened Tonedepth's track, "Everything", I felt as though one might give birth to bullants and I played it three times again!! On that genial kick pattern, typical for his tracks, he composes an excellent and memorable melody, based on a simple but powerful bass line and some awesome traditional instruments which sound incredible. This really is a 10/10 solid bomb!!! The compilation continues with another energetic tune called "I Wasn't Impressed Enough" from V-Sag feat. Ilias T, and then with the great duo Stel & Good Newz and the track "Exactly What You Wanted", a tarck filled up with lot of tonalities and melodic lines. After another good tune from Nick & John Dalagelis, "Quiet (Steve Is Listening)", it's time for the incontestable Kosmas Epsilon to end up this material with his "III Ssa", closing this compilation which collected the greatest and most luxuriant sounds coming straight from Greece.

Beside the cd format, this compilation is up on 2X12" and digital mp3 format, so a great feedback is expected not only from the listeners but also from djs, since its an unmixed album. Out from the charm of Greece, it should be necessary to say about Dave that he launched a new off shoot label "Therapy Music" with a fine release from Stel & Good Newz, so many producers are encouraged and motivated to new cool things.

01. G-Pal & Anna Maria X - Within
02. Dousk - Bummer
03. Viton & KST - Yes I See
04. Phatjak - Supermarket
05. Christian Cambas - Paramount
06. Tone Depth - Everything
07. V-Sag Feat Ilias T - I Wasnt Impressed Enough
08. Stel & Good Newz - Exactly What You Wanted
09. Nick & John Dalagelis - Quiet Steve Is Listening
10. Kosmas Epsilon - Ill Ssa

Audio Therapy presents Across Borders - Greece


Audio Therapy




June 27 2005


August 7, 2005 at 2:42 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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