Cass & Paolo Mojo - Heretic 1.0

Heretic, what is this all about? Oh yes, first of all it's about two guys coming from UK, also recognized as very interesting djs and producers as well, then it's about some very kicking music which wants to fascinate and open our mind. They are Cass and Paolo Mojo. And this is their first project, "Heretic 1.0", released on Cass' label Sabotage Systems. I won't name here all the stunts along their musical career, I can only say they had contacts with persons such as Sasha, Pete Tong, Danny Tenaglia, with clubs and brands like Fabric, Space, Bedrock and so on. You can also listen to Paolo on Proton radio, inside his two hours show called "Music Is Freedom", as for Cass, well, he takes care (and he does this very well!) of Sabotage, and lately of this Heretic project anticipated as being very rewarding.

The compilation gathers 17 tracks in one cd which goes off the beaten track, through new sounds and remains also clean and terse. Soon after we hit the play button, we will be hosted by a tasteful break beat signed EC1M, for meeting after that a sinister and driving tech-house, Joakim and the track "Come Into My Kitchen". Already well known, the track "Don't See the Point" produced by Alex Smoke discretely makes its appearance, bringing some color and melody to the mix, following after that to discover another tune which did it great on the tech-house scene, "Soul Trader", a song coming from Bill Payer and Fat Hippy. In a little while we find an excellent tune from St Plomb, and lately the extraordinary Paolo Mojo's "Crack House", a very dynamic and massive track which won't let you sit for at least a single moment. From here the real mix starts to flow, the track start to agglomerate, to become more and more driving and playful, providing to the listener a good reprise of real music mixed in a slickly way, with a complete and innovative technique. Therefore some dement tunes burst out, as "Pop Locking" produced by Fries & Bridges or Joe Montana with the track "Boys", remixed by the two heretics. The things are very good until now, the unbound rhythm becoming more and more acid and kicking, making us move and firing up the dance floor. After this follows Begginerz with the track called "Rhythm Foundation (Buick Project mix)", another great tech-house with some smooth flavors of electro and some very gradate effects. The track "Don't Bother Me" coming from The Glass sweetens up the mix providing some nice melody, not only from the ingeniously composed instrumental, but also from a sublime vocal, and Dj Ali amplifies this cheerfulness with his track, giving a relaxing air to the compilation and making it playful and dense. An excellent track comes up next, "Smell of Sweat", produced by Voltique – profundity in the melodic line, a spark of energy and a powerful and alive beat. The duo Cass & Slide is here too with a great tune, pretty simple but featuring an impressive dynamism with a unique rhythm and a few shades of melody gorgeously faded on the techy grooves pattern. Induceve and the track "Ooo Yessir" provides a fresh beat, combining a dynamic tech-house with some relaxing and jazzy breakdowns. After that we find Lee Buridge in a very good shape alongside Andy Page, producing together "Why Are The Pretty Ones Always Insane?", a strange tune with many abstract and dubious synths which perfectly combines with a heavy break beat coming from Groovy. And the track which closes up the compilation is called "Kill Rock n Roll (Let it Bleed)" and is produced by Dibaba; an excellent tech-house combined with minimal, one of the best tunes from the entire compilation, coming with a fresh wave of synths and deep beats.

I cannot resist remarking this compilation as one of the best, consisting in an appetizing and neat mix which provides some very good music straight from the clubs in our sound systems, taking hold of us and making us acolytes of these two English guys' experiences, guys which succeed to break the boundaries with this astonishing material.

Track Listing:
1. EC1M - EC1M
2. Joakim - Come Into My Kitchen
3. Alex Smoke - Dont See The Point
4. Bill Payer & Fat Hippy - Soul Trader (Bill Payer 3am Dub)
5. St Plomb - Bat In My Shoe
6. Paolo Mojo - Crack House
7. Fries & Bridges - Pop Locking
8. Joe Montana - Boys (Heretic Mix)
9. Begginerz - Rhythm Foundation (Buick Project Mix)
10. The Glass - Dont Bother Me (20/20 Vision Mix)
11. DJ Ali - Change
12. Voltique - Smell Of Sweat
13. Cass & Slide - The Bunny
14. Induceve - Ooo Yessir
15. Lee Burridge & Andy Page - Why Are The Pretty Ones Always Insane?
16. Groovy - Groovy
17. Dibaba - Kill Rock N Roll (Let It Bleed)

Cass & Paolo Mojo - Heretic 1.0


Sabotage Systems




June 20 2005


June 20, 2005 at 1:00 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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