Superchumbo - Wowie Zowie

After some time by now, looks like the one who is responsible for massive hits such as "This Beat Is", "Dirty Filthy", "Irrezistable" and many others, Tom Stephan shows his producer skills on this first artist album released on Twisted Records, "Wowie Zowie". The album contains 12 tracks, three of them being number one hits on Billboard chart for many weeks, and as Tom announces on his album, "What makes a person move? London-based American Tom Stephan may have the this". Therefore, dance music for everyone from Tom!

Most of the tracks featured here are very driving, with some tech funky house influences, making the listeners move until depletion and enchanting through an optimistic rhythm and a summer party vibe which they contain. The first tune that can be found on the cd is called "Some", discovering here some vocals from Sylvia Mason James. The tracks are appealing, going from the tough and pretty abstract "Everything U" to the energetic "Sugar" and then to the well known "Irresistible", track which gained over many clubs and a numerous public. "Tranquilizer" brings a tech-house and breakbeat vibe, but keeps in at a whole the pattern of Suberchumbo's productions, while "U Know I Love It" makes you dance until exhaustion, bringing some cheer and a fresh wave of optimistic and energetic beats. After the interesting but aggressive "Bring It", it's time for tribal house to impose itself, through tracks like "Dirty Filthy" or "This Beat Is", after that meeting a very nice tune which also gives the name to the album, "Wowie Zowie". Tom Stephan's style brought him in time a big consideration, since the producer imposes from the start with something original, as we found it on this album. The last two tracks "Out There" and "Revolution" bring the party madness into the listeners houses, the first one a bit moderate while the last track violently attacks the composure and the dreamy sense through some imposing tribals.

Looks like finally has come Tom Stephan's time to enjoy his own album which gathers many of his productions in collaboration with various vocalists, this one being an album upon which we should focus the attention, because it deserves.

1. Some - Sylvia Mason James
2. Everything U
3. Sugar - Samantha Fox
4. Irresistible - Sylvia Mason James
5. Tranquilizer
6. U Know I Love It
7. Bring It
8. Dirty Filthy
9. This Beat Is - William Brett
10. Wowie Zowie
11. Out There - Base Boys
12. Revolution

Superchumbo - Wowie Zowie


Twisted Records


TWD 58002


June 13 2005


June 20, 2005 at 12:51 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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