Dino Lenny - Run

Dino Lenny (aka Adam Dived among others) is probably best known for his Chaka Kahn sampling yoshitoshi hit \"I feel Stereo\" but is a patron of many more releases. This time Dino makes an outing on Italian Staple Frenetika with two mixes from Coccoluto & Martinez and Stefano Fontana complimenting what is a strong original.

Taking inspiration from the guitar sound that has found its way into many recent productions the original of Run is undercut by a straight 4*4 throbing strummed baseline that a slight reference towards Goldfrapp. On top of this is a killer violin hook , a synth vocal and a haunting vocal stab that take it in a deeper yet upbeat direction.

Coccoluto & Martinuz take a warm and direct dub approach, darkening the baseline with a filtered bass and a looped electro hit, an added squealing bass makes for a unique remix. Stefano takes a more grooving approach, widening the baseline and simplifying the beat with an excellent use of cymbals, snare and echoing synths.

This is a quality cross-genre release and it definitely one for the tune spotters.

Dino Lenny - Run


Frenetika Records


FRE 005


May 23 2005


June 20, 2005 at 12:49 PM CEST


Paul Prior

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