Kriece & Basek - Belmont Forum EP

"Belmont Forum EP" is called the new material from the Australian duo, Kriece & Basek, this one being released on CP Recordings and including two track with a mystical vibe of tech-house and minimal.

The first side brings up "Submission", a madness which is going to blow out, inspiring to the listeners even from the start a sense of mystery and a feeling of oppression which gets head and amplifies from a sound to another one. With a sunken bass line, very violent and prominent, this tune simply composes a tough and abstract rhythm which takes the listener into a deep universe, an obscure world with an air of mysticism, expressed out by the strange synths unleashed by the track.

The B side comes with a more melodic and playful track, "The Shizznal", jazzy and optimistic, senses pointed out not only by the driving rhythm but also by some asunder synths which form up a simple but cute melody. This one is a sexy track for sure.

With "Submission" penetrating the mysterious area of electronic music, then experimenting the appetizing sounds of the great tech-house "The Shizznal", this new EP can't pass as a watch in the night, and therefore CP Recordings opens up a strong path through wiser and better releases.

A: Submission
B: The Shizznal

Kriece & Basek - Belmont Forum EP


CP Recordings




July 2005


June 20, 2005 at 12:52 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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