Slacker - Goddam Noize & Tutikinegi

Coming from the Jukebox in the Sky label, the new release of Slacker includes an eccentric and tough sound on these four tracks featured on this material.

The first track is "Goddam Waspy Noize", and as the title speaks, this is a bustling tune with a waspy and pretty indigestible sound. From break beat to acid house, this track contains much noise and a sonant congestion, a madness unleashed on the dance floor.

Neither the other version of this track, "Goddam Voodoo Noize", nor the first one is mellow, warm and peaceful, bringing in the forefront a dement rhythm, filled up with a massive kick pattern and elements of electro and acid house. The energetic vibrations taken even to violence can be felt by any listener, the track firing up any decent sound system and pushing the sound beyond the limits imposed by a certain musical genre.

Fortunately "Tutikinegi" warms us up a bit through a sweet and slow rhythm and a profound melody, also very mysterious. The last track, "Tutikinegi (OST)" is the slowest track featured here, deep and soft, bringing some energy and color as well.

This is it with this new disc produced by Slacker, and for sure this is not the end, so action stations!

Slacker - Goddam Noize & Tutikinegi


Jukebox in the Sky




June 20 2005


June 6, 2005 at 3:26 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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