Chris Sterio - Database

Source of Gravity provides a new prog disc, this time the producer being the owner of the label, Chris Sterio. "Database" contains alongside the original edit, two remixes, first one from Perc and then Smight.

The original belongs to Chris, composing a beamy and strange tune, with a massive rhythm filled up with a bass line and percussion sounds. A simple track, this version doesn't come with much melody, letting a special place to some abstract synths to form up this tune.

Perc's remix is as weird and deep as the original edit, at least in the first half, because after that some tentative of melodies start to make their appearance, but for a short time, leaving the place for the flat and weird rhythm to end up the track.

Smight provides a warmer remix, even if it's as simple as the previous versions, the melodic line bear down, coloring the track and making it sound delicate and sweet, for starting after that with a new load of powerful beats and profound bass line.

It is "Database" – interesting disc, no doubt pretty difficult and pretentious for the listeners.

Chris Sterio - Database


Source Of Gravity




May 30 2005


June 6, 2005 at 12:06 PM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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