Kobbe & Austin Leeds feat. Alan T - 15 Minutes

Coming together towards music production, Kobbe and Austin Leeds bring on Presslab Records a new record with two tough and powerful tracks called "15 Minutes", featuring Alan T.

The first track is the original, a mysterious combination between some crazy progressive and deep tribal with some elements of electro. This song contains a madness even from the beginning, gradually building up an incendiary rhythm, massive and very cold, violent and tough, with so less melody. The dark beats and the dynamic bass line express a sense of pessimism, even devilishness, contouring a universe of the damned and bringing an air of primitivism and mystery.

The tribal dub is more intense, quicker and more energetic, conserving most of the elements from the original track, but making them more dynamic and accelerating the rhythm, building up therefore a violent atmosphere, on the flat rhythm dotting a few hypnotic tribals.

Who knows what these two guys thought when they started working on this crazy and dynamic disc, very proper to bouncing, but I know that both tracks are going great in clubs.

Kobbe & Austin Leeds feat. Alan T - 15 Minutes


Presslab Records


PS 035


May 9 2005


June 6, 2005 at 11:46 AM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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