Daniel Fritschi - Intonation EP

The founder of the label "Level Records" from Dusseldorf, Germany, Daniel Fritschi makes his debut as music producer with the track "Vortex" from "Quartett EP", this release being also the label's debut. Now Daniel is seen as a completely producer, releasing on Level as well his 4 tracks disc, "Intonation EP", a material composed by 4 minimal and downtempo tunes.

First of them is called "Flexion – Wavelet", a very ambient atmospheric and smooth song, peaceful and deep. With a relatively simple instrumentation, this track creates a dreamy mood with a powerless rhythm and a few meditative synths, being revealed even from the beginning a deep and concentrated bass line and then some additional elements of percussion which make a sonant feast from this great track.

The second track from the A side contains the same calm and experimental sounds. It is about "Adrift", track which brings a somber melody, repetitive and perpetual, conferring a hypnotic effect to the listeners, as well as the overwhelming rhythm makes his discrete presence.

Looks like the flip side comes with something new, first of all a track a bit more dynamic but as mysterious and atmospheric as the previous, and as a bonus a profound downtempo which is impossible to leave you unmoved. If we are listening "Follicle Follies", will find a deep and weird minimal tune, consulting also some synths arranged in a sweet incoherence and superposed on a kick and heavy groove pattern. Touching!

I was saying about that bonus, "Interglacial", no doubt strange for some of you, but in spite of all these truly enchanting. Some futuristic sounds greet the listener from the beginning, founding during the length of the song an exciting ambient rhythm, very profound and hypnotic. Discretely, the elements are rushing slowly, keeping a corner for the sounds to play free, building up all together an airy song, but somber and dark.

Should I say you to sleep well after listening this amazing disc? I think I would after ending the B side.:) Some new music, handful and squeamish, eccentric and interesting. Very good job on innovation!

Daniel Fritschi - Intonation EP


Level Records




January 17 2005


May 23, 2005 at 9:32 AM CEST


Dragos Rusu

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